Gabriela Rocha

Education:Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation

Experience:10+ Years

Gabriela Rocha

Yoga instructor at BVJJ


Born in Brazil in 1990, Gabriela started to practice Yoga in her 20’s. She graduated as a Yoga instructor at Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation in Vancouver. She is now the Yoga instructor at BVJJ, where you will be able to practice different styles of Yoga, and most importantly introduce the Yoga lifestyle to your daily routines.

And as she said:

Yoga gave me more discipline and taught me how to be in control of myself, by having more control of my mind, feelings, body and health. It was when I moved to Vancouver 6 years ago that I felt the need to practice and study more. Yoga gave me the strength I needed to adapt to a new country and environment.
Just like Yoga changed my life, I’d like to help my students to connect with themselves and to fall in love with life, as well as helping them become more aware of their mind, body and soul. There is always space for growth, and we can always be a better version of ourselves.”

We invite you to join Gabi in this amazing journey and lifestyle!