Hiro Amano

Hiro Amano

Muay Thai


Hiro Amano: Born & raised in Nagoya, Japan, and started in Kyokushin Karate at the age of 5.

My childhood hero was Andy Hug, a Swiss karate fighter who would go on to win the K1 championship.

Once in my 20s, I practiced boxing and K1 kickboxing, and when I met Jackie (Sakmongkol Monsaichon), that I turned to Muay Thai, and have not looked back.  Jackie is a senior stablemate of Namsaknoi (“The Emperor,” one of the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time) & Trainer Gae.  In 2012, I spent over a year training in Thailand with Jackie, twice a day, 6 days a week.  I partook in several smokers during this time.

Back in Vancouver, I trained with my dear friend Professor Benito Segura (Black Belt 2nd degree BJJ, 1974~2020), who is responsible for the discipline that I now proudly possess. He supported my Muay Thai passion, and supplemented in my training.

Also in Vancouver, I met Kru Judd Skinner (1969~2021) who founded the New Era Athletics gym in Richmond.  Knowing the gruelling training regimen in Thailand, he would go on to help me get ready for my frequent trips to Thailand where I would spend 3 months at a time, training and fighting.

In 2018, I trained with the Petchrungruang gym, and hour from Bangkok.  At this time, I had the privilege of fighting for Max Muay Thai.  After another trip in 2019, I ended with 15 full professional rules Muay Thai fights, winning 10.

After the sudden passing of my dear friends Benito, and a year later, Judd, I have put my efforts into instruction, and preserving the New Era Muay Thai name. Their passion to provide youths an opportunity and safe home through martial arts is the foundation for my future goals.

Outside of Muay Thai, I am an Food Education instructor, and practice BJJ under Master Marcus Soares, a long time friend and teacher.  I am grateful to Eduardo for opening up his gym to me and for allowing me to mingle with his students from time to time!