Tomoki Gomez

Tomoki Gomez

Cardio Kickboxing


Tomoki Gomez is a Canadian born artist of Japanese, Vietnamese and Taiwanese descent, living and working in British Columbia. She studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design before establishing a 15 year career in the Interior Art industry. Kickboxing is also a form of art and one of Tomoki’s passion, making her an unique instructor and great Martial Artist.

In 2017, her family joined the BVJJ community. They quickly aligned themselves with BVJJ’s philosophy and approach in nurturing community connection, sustainability, cultivating knowledge and promoting healthy lifestyle.

She brings passion, warmth and inspiration to each of her classes. She centers her teaching style around building strength, confidence and self-gratification. She encourages a safe space to practice self-improvement while having fun.

“I am honoured to be teaching Cardio Kickboxing at BVJJ. My experience at BVJJ has been fruitful and transformative for me and my family. I genuinely encourage you to try a class and experience it for yourself. The most attractive attribute to this gym is that it is SO much fun and it hardly feels like your conventional workout! Looking forward to meet you!”

– Tomoki